Bachmann Spectrum On30 Model Trains

The Bachmann Spectrum On30 is a line of model trains produced by Bachmann Industries since 1998. The term On30 refers to a standard which is based on the US version of the O scale (a ratio of 1:48). This is coupled with a gauge width 16.5mm. These are essentially higher quality models of their previous products. These models are targeted more at enthusiasts instead of casual hobbyists.

The Spectrum line in general is popular due to the high quality of materials used in it’s manufacture, along with particular attention to detail. On several models metal details are attached to the body separately instead as part of the body mold. Coaches also contain highly detailed seats.

The first Bachmann Spectrum On30 model train was the 2-6-0 which was released for the Christmas Village market. Christmas Village model trains are those which can be seen in toy stores around Christmas time, usually running on a track through an ice covered city.  The 2-6-0 was an instant success, mainly due to the models’ affordability and high modification potential. This led to the firm starting mass production of a whole line of Spectrum On30 models, starting a market craze that has continued till today.

Taking cue from the success of the Spectrum On30 nearly all companies producing model trains have since released a series of On30 models. This is the reason why the Bachmann Spectrum On30 series is so highly regarded; they have the largest share of imitators on the market today.

The Bachmann Spectrum On30 series is popular because the narrow gauge provided by the On30 scale meant that the track can have much tighter turns than other scales, which is important to those of you with limited space and/or who want a portable set.

Since 2006, several Bachmann Spectrum On30 trains have continued the company’s slant towards DCC (Digital Command Control) systems, with nearly all the models compatibile with DCC, and some of the models already included with it. With this move, the company has made sure that the Bachmann Spectrum On30 models sold today will not become obsolete when the DCC system for that model is released.

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